UCR graduates at the Toyota Arena Commencement

Toyota Arena Rules


Toyota Arena Rules, Policies, and Information for 2024 Graduations


Prohibited Items

  • Please remind students and guests Toyota Arena prohibits outside gifts and items during this Event. The following are not allowed inside the building, in the parking lots, or on the premises and if found will confiscated or asked to vacate the premises:
    • No Bandas or Musical Celebrations allowed on the premises,
    • No Cultural or Religious Celebrations allowed on the premises,
    • No Balloons,
    • No Banners / Signs / Flags,
    • No Confetti Cannons,
    • No Flowers,
    • No Laser Pointers,
    • No Noisemakers / Airhorns,
    • No Selfie Sticks,
    • No Sharpies / Markers,
    • No Vendors,
    • No Weapons of any kind,
    • and similar items to the above are not allowed within the building.
  • Guests will not be permitted to bring items previously listed inside the building and will be asked to return items to vehicle.
  • Any item purchased from external vendors are not affiliated with Toyota Arena.

ADA Information

For ADA requests and inquires please have students and guests reach out to our Guest Services Manager, Josh Salcedo, at JSalcedo@toyota-arena.com

Accepted Methods of Payment

We are a cashless venue for all parking and concessions. Cash will not be accepted.

Seating, Ticketing, Will Call

  • All seating is general admission. There are no assigned guest seats.
  • Guests must have a ticket to be admitted. There is no Re-Entry into the arena.
  • There will NOT be a WILL-CALL at the ticket window at the arena.
  • Children ages 2 and above will require a ticket for entry.

Bag Policy

In accordance with safety and security guidelines, bags and purses will be limited in size. Clear bags are preferred, however, wallets, clutch single pocket purses, or bags must be small, no larger than 4 in. x 5 in.

  • To accommodate our guests who require a purse/bag, including diaper bags and bags carrying items that are medical in nature, such as prescription medication, breast pumps, and other special medical equipment, will be permitted if they are within 16 in. x 16 in. x 8 in. All bags are subject to inspection.
  • Guests who require entry with a purse/bag should arrive early to allow ample time to go through the additional security screening.

Dress Code

No obscene language, images, or symbols will be allowed.


Students may be allowed to enter the premises with leis given to them prior to their arrival. We strongly discourage purchases of leis from non-authorized vendors on or around the premises. Guests will be restricted from bringing leis as gifts into the building. Guests attempting to bring in leis past security entry points will be directed to return the item to their vehicle.

General Venue Policies and Codes of Conduct

TOYOTA ARENA POLICIES: https://www.toyota-arena.com/plan-your-visit/guest-services/arena-policies
Please visit the link for a list of all Arena Policies including:
  • Code of Conduct
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Dress Code
  • Smoking
  • And additional Prohibited Items